Izelle Mouton

Izelle Mouton studied full time at La Louve Private Hair Academy. 
After working in various salons in Gauteng she started working for Icon  Hair Cosmetics in 2011 as a Technician. 
Izelle is currently the representing the imported professional Hair Care Range, Lisap from the Milano, Italy.

Izelle is very passionate about the professional hair care industry and will strive to educate every salon with the knowledge to effectively use the Lisap product range to its full potential.
The technical knowledge that is required by a technician forces Izelle to permanently study new technics and trends, to stay on top of this ever-changing professional market.

The workshops that Icon Hair Cosmetics offer to their clients are conducted in their own salons. 
I feel that this is more effective for our clients because of their familiar surroundings and the clients get a feel of how it would be to use the product in their own salon:

Pamper days

When you book a pamper day with Icon we will assist with the consultation of your clients and recommend products that could be used.
The biggest benefit is that we will supply the products for the pamper day and treat your client to all the products that Pure Envy has to offer.
This is a day where we will pamper and treat your clients and focus on introducing new retail products for you to sell in a salon. 

Colour Training

As a Technical Advisor, I believe that the theory of colour is of utmost importance to be able to use colour and to respect the manufacturer’s instructions. 
The workshops are not only educational for the stylists, but for the clients as well.  The Icon method of consultation prepares the models before the chemical
service, where we explain the advantages of a professional tint and professional home care. My aim in a Tint workshop is to make the client comfortable with the Colour he/she
is using and to give the stylist the confidence to believe that she can perform magic in the salon. 

Product training

Icon Product training is a great workshop to do in the salon to educate the stylists on all the products that we can offer and the benefits of the products.
This workshop is usually about 2 hours, where I go through all the theory of the product and the stylists thoroughly enjoy using the product on themselves to be able to feel the results. 
This will give the stylists the confidence to be able to recommend a suitable product to their clients to use at home.  

Operators Training

Operators training can be incorporated into a pamper day or even a Tint workshop. With Operators training, I train them on how to handle and deal with the clients in the salon,
as well as the importance of knowing the process of all chemical services in the salon.



Izelle Mouton

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