About Us

About Icon Hair Cosmetics: 


Icon is passionate about hair innovative, designs and creativity to accommodate each stylist desire to be the leader in hair technology.
We want to create the benchmark in quality products and service.


Icon firmly believes in excellent service, supplying quality products, educating the market in a professional manner with

absolute honesty and integrity.


More than 30 years intensive research and development combined with experience in the professional hair industry was the motivation behind
Icon Hair cosmetics.

Founded in 1999 by Gerhard and Dalene Theron a unique brand was built on a heritage of knowledge. Icon has gone from strength to strength
in producing and marketing a top range of professional products. They have used their skills, knowledge and expertise to bring a product that is
on par with international brands.

Icon is dedicated to endeavour all efforts to secure a, professional hair care range. They formed a partnership with Italy’s Lisap to ensure that
they are in reach of the world’s most advanced labs for numerous and innovative quality products. It is clear to see how their passion has made
Lisap a company with a remarkable reputation. 

Icon is proudly associated not only with international contacts, but also with the national talent in the form of skilled hairdressers.
In this partnership we are all in the path of prosperity with a mutual goal to retain and maintain the respect of the international hairdressing trade.

The phenomenal growth, which icon has shown during the past few years, would not have been possible without the loyal support from all our clients. 





Since 1952, Lisap have been working side by side with the most significant hair artist in the word in a joint programme of product development.

This Italian company started as a family passion and have evolved into in of the most respected and efficient organisations in our field.

Research & development have always been important cornerstones to us and have enabled us to offer a portfolio of products to satisfy the needs of
any modern hairdresser today, even the most inventive and sophisticated.

Lisap Laboratories uses only the finest, gentlest ingredients in their formulations, assuring professional salons that when you use Lisap products,
you can be completely confident in their performance and excellence.

Lisap S.p.A is one of the very few companies in the professional hair care sector who are Certified to the standard of UNI EN 1s0 9001.

The monitored standard of our procedures ensures the satisfaction of our clients.

More than 50 years Research & Developments are clearly manifested in a complete range of products, which are able to offer the best solutions
in terms of service results and quality/price ratio.

To believe in training means a direct path for excellence: Lisap offers a full course, composed of technical and creative workshops run by
trainers / consultants qualified and recognized by international bodies, to be followed step by step from real professionals in the Education field.

The benefits for all our costumers:

           • A state of the art Research & development laboratory

           • A technical suite for in house testing of products

           • Continuous and constant investment in product development

           • Professional service innovation

           • Lisap strength of character and team spirit contributes to our world in three words: