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More than 30 years intensive research and development combined with experience in the professional hair industry was the motivation behind Icon Hair Cosmetics.

Founded in 1999 by Gerhard and Dalene Theron a unique brand was built on a heritage of knowledge.

Icon has gone from strength to strength in producing and marketing a top range of professional products. They have used their skills, knowledge and expertise to bring a product that is on par with international brands.

Icon is dedicated to endeavour all efforts to secure a professional hair care range. They formed a partnership with Italy’s Lisap to ensure that they are in reach of the world’s most advanced labs for numerous and innovative quality products. It is clear to see how their passion has made Lisap a company with a remarkable reputation.

Icon is proudly associated not only with international contacts, but also with the national talent in the form of skilled hairdressers. In this partnership we are all in the path of prosperity with a mutual goal to retain and maintain the respect of the international hairdressing trade.

The phenomenal growth, which Icon has shown during the past few years, would not have been possible without the loyal support from all our clients.



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HEAD OFFICE: 11 Charbury Road
Lynnwood Manor
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